Artist Q&A

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The CTS productions website is a community of artists and music lovers that are looking for additional pro-active ways to connect to each other. For artists and record labels alike, our site offers a number of POPULAR EXCLUSIVE FEATURES including Artist Development/Management, Video and Web TV productions (including the Rockstar Comet), Touring and of course our ONLINE CATALOGUE which allows the artist/record label to not only get their merchandise needs taken care of but also to HAVE IT STORED IN OUR FACILITY until orders are received...   

Let us tell you a little more about the special features of our catalogue and WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT!

NOTE: To get information on all other features, refer to that particular section or email us to receive the relevant "info sheet"  

What is the CTS catalogue?

It is a feature that allows YOU, the artist to add non digital products to your own web store for your fans to enjoy WITHOUT THE WORRIES OF STORAGE OR SHIPPING. In other words, if you want to offer your fans more than just music CD’s and music downloads, you'll use the CTS catalogue to offer them everything else and GET PAID ON EVERY SALE! 


Who is authorized to use the “wholesale end” of the CTS catalogue?

ONLY artists, bands and record labels get access to the wholesale section to place and customize their orders.


As artists/labels, how can we most benefit from ordering products from the CTS catalogue?

Here is the short answer. Through our site, you will be able to offer your fans a wider range of products WITHOUT THE AGGRAVATION of the production, storing, handling, shipping and collection aspect... The products you order are yours but are stored with us so all you need to concentrate on besides making great music is letting your fans know that they can get their hands on your custom products by using their CTS profile.  


Can I continue to sell my music on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and so on?

WE RECOMMEND IT! Since we specialize in selling your fans EVERYTHING EXCEPT YOUR MUSIC, we suggest you simply add us as your online retail outlet of choice for your fans to purchase your CUSTOMIZED t-shirts, key-chains, light pens, band posters, beer foam holders, etc. All you need to do AFTER you have placed your custom merchandise orders is let your fans know that your products are available through the CTS website. WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST INCLUDING PRODUCTION, STORAGE, SHIPPING, HANDLING AND PAYING YOUR ROYALTIES ON EACH QUALIFIED ORDER...


Is there an upfront cost to setting up the CTS catalogue?

NO... Usually there is a $49.95 account activation fee (called the artinum) however FOR A LIMITED TIME, we are waiving that fee.  


Do I, the artist/record label, own the merchandise I buy through the site?

YES YOU DO. Once the merchandise has been ordered and paid for, it is yours. We simply keep it safe in our storage facilities until your fans order it, at which point, we will process, package, ship each order in addition to collect the payments on your behalf.


Can I make money using the CTS catalogue?

ABSOLUTELY! We sell you the merchandise at a wholesale price. Once your ordered items have made it to our storage facility (usually 21 days after you placed the order), it becomes available to your fans ONLINE at a retail price THAT YOU CHOOSE. For example, if you ordered guitar picks at $2.50 a box and you choose to sell that box of guitar picks to your fans for $5.00 a box, you will get a "royalty payment" of $2.50 per box sold. Each items comes with OUR SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE which we have determined is what most fans will agree to pay for that item (you, of course, can decide to sell it for whatever price you want or even to give it away at your next live show as a thank you to your fans, you decide). 

BEST CASE SCENARIO: You sell your fans everything you order from us, you could easily make hundreds even thousands of dollars a month if you carry an on-going large enough inventory. 


I have a show coming and want some of my stored merchandise as a giveaway to my fans, can I?  

Of course. The merchandise is yours. We will ship it to the venue for you or anywhere else you choose. You simply have to pay a small handling fee (our staff will need to put that order together) and shipping fees prior to the order leaving our storage facility. That fee must be paid by cheque. Other arrangements may be available to large clients (please enquire). 

HERE IS ANOTHER OPTION: When you order merchandise, at "check out" you will be asked where you want the merchandise sent. The system will give you a choice of either having it sent to our facility (as usual) OR be shipped to YOUR address as identified in your profile when you first signed-up (keep in mind that if you select that option, once the merchandise makes it to your location, we are no longer responsible for it)  


How long will you store my merchandise for?

As long as you keep an OPEN profile on our CTS website, your merchandise is safe with us. If you plan on closing your CTS account (why would you), you will need to have ALL your merchandise in storage at CTS shipped to you before the account is closed. 


My band has a shopping cart on our own website, can I integrate it with the CTS catalogue? 

ABSOLUTELY. The best way to maximize your income stream for those who already have their own shopping cart is to add a link to your CTS page AND MAKE SURE TO TELL YOUR FANS TO OPEN THEIR MUSIC LOVER CTS ACCOUNT. From there, your fans will be able to purchase your merchandise… 


My band has a BANDCAMP account to sell our digital music? Can I keep it?

YES YOU SHOULD. Bandcamp is a great site and should remain your site of choice for handling your digital music sales… However, in the event you want to sell anything else, then the CTS productions website is your place of choice.


Can I restrict product sales by geographic region?

When a fan purchases products from you, as long as they live in one of the dozens of countries we have chosen to list in our drop down menu, we will ship it to them. All sales are converted back into either Canadian or USD 


Can I upload artwork from my profile (for selling my band poster for example)?

YES YOU CAN! If you want us to sell your posters, you will need to email us all the artwork required. You can also request the production of a poster using photos you send us (that’s a special request you will need to email us directly for to discuss prices and conditions). Go to the CONTACT US section and use the appropriate email address listed there.


If I have an upcoming show and I want to publicize it to my fan base, can I do it here?

YES, a lot of the functions you will find on your profile page work the same way as FACEBOOK™ (a great addition to using with our website). Just remember to delete your event date after it’s passed.